Security training for institutions, companies and individuals in the private sector

We look back on our many years of experience in the training and continued education of

Security personnel and members of the army.


Benefit from our knowledge, be it in the professional or private sector.

Have a tailor-made training course or concept.


Our services at a glance:

  • Training concepts
  • Self-defense, based on Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu
  • Basic course in accordance with the CBA of the Swiss security industry
  • Customer-related basic security Training (refresher)
  • Various Trainings in the field of security (refresher)
    • Operational knowledge
    • Law
    • Social competence
    • Industry knowledge
    • Technical knowledge
    • Practical training
  • Fire safety training and refresher
  • Personal and property protection training (refresher)
  • Shooting Education:
    • Basic courses (safe and confident handling of various firearms and shotguns)
    • Combat shooting and self-defense shooting
    • Shooting in the security and authorities - governments sector
    • Test preparation for a concealed weapon carry permit
  • Telescopic defense stick basic courses and refresher
  • Pepper spray basic courses ACCORDING TO RSG 2000 (GEL/JET/MIST) AND refresher
  • JPX Jet Protecter, JPX 4 Defender, JPX 6 Protecter, Guardian Angel III und refresher
  • Medical training and refresher for security personal 
  • Training in "BLS" Basic Life Support / "AED" Automated external defibrillator